Classes, Workshops & Lectures

Classes and workshops give adults and students whose schools don’t otherwise participate in outreach activities the opportunity to become engaged with visiting artists. Master classes give advanced students the opportunity to work with world-class artists, lectures allow artists to share the experiences in an informal basis, and workshops provide an opportunity to work in-depth on a particular project.

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For additional information on any of the activities listed below or to make reservations, contact:
Valarie Keown
Community Engagement Coordinator
or call the Choregus Productions office at 918-295-5965

Master Classes–Music

Music Master classes vary in size and format. Occasionally an artist will work with an entire music class teaching technique for a particular instrument. At other times, particularly with voice instruction, the artist will work with only a few students, with unlimited number of other students and general audience observing


2017/2018 Music Master Classes

Watch for class announcements


Master Classes – Dance

Registration enables the participant to take part in a master class taught by the company artistic director/choreographer or a high level dancer with the company and includes the option to purchase an a ticket to the company’s public performance at the student rate in advance.



Summer Heat International Dance Festival Master Classes

Age Level: Advanced dancers, 15 years thru adults.
Capacity: Classes are generally limited to 20 participants
Time Requirement: generally, 2 hours
Class Fee: $20 per class
Call 918-688-6112 for reservations

Saturday, July 29 10:00—12:00 Victoria Jaiani (Joffrey Ballet)
Saturday, July 29 10:00—12:00 Temur Suluashvili (Joffrey Ballet)
Saturday, July 29 2:00—4:00 Josh Beamish (Move: The Company)
Saturday, July 29 2:00—4:00 Manuel Vignoulle (formerly of Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet)
Sunday, July 30 10:00—12:00 Paul Taylor Dance Company
Sunday, July 30 10:00—12:00 Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève
Sunday, July 30 2:00—4:00 Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève
Sunday, July 30 2:00—4:00 Randy James (10 Hairy Legs Dance Company)

Additional classes will be scheduled during the Summer Heat International Dance Festival and for the 2016/2017 Season. Check back frequently for schedule.