Tentacle Tribe



In Ghost, Canada’s Tentacle Tribe combines elements of contemporary dance, street dance and martial arts in a physical score that echoes the subtle pulse of respiration. Inhalations and exhalations sculpt the group’s gestures and movements. The interconnected bodies form striking human structures that shift, alter, evolve in synergy with the music. The invigorating power of the breath is embodied and magnified by the energetic, almost architectural dance. From technical feats to dreamlike sequences, Ghost is a welcome breath of air.
Drawing from their wide scope of dance experience, co–founders Emmanuelle Lê Phan and Elon Höglund create conceptual hip–hop with a contemporary twist, while intermingling organic influences from earthly creatures. This Canadian-Swedish creative alliance experiments with intricate partnering, refined musicality and a saturated dose of physical choreography. As b-boy and b-girl, present in the street dance community and as seasoned stage performers, the duo combines movement techniques that transcend style boundaries and create works that express the embodiment of music beyond technique.
Wearing masks is strongly recommended.

Thursday, June 16, 8:00 p.m.
Tulsa Ballet Studio K
1212 E 45th Pl
Tickets $30
Students with ID $5 walk-up day of performance.
$3.00 service charge per ticket.
Group discounts available.
Call 918-688-6112 for tickets or more information. Tickets available online HERE

“It was just g*dd*mn cool to see hip-hop and techno bass reverberate through the popping and waving bodies of brilliant dancers on the Cultch stage, as they tackled abstract and existential concepts.The choreography moves effortlessly between traditional contemporary movement to the more stylised martial arts to earthy hip hop to digital-inspired popping and waving.” – The Vancouver Arts Review