Board Of Directors

Stacy Christiansen
Affiliation:  Community Volunteer

Roger Collier
Affiliation: Professor of Finance & Acting Director of International Programs, Northeastern State University

DeLynn Fairless
Affiliation:  Freelance Fine Arts Instructor

Philip S.Haney “Phil”
Affiliation:  Lawyer representing not for profit clients

Lincoln Layman-Cochran
Affiliation:  Tulsa Public Schools

Mark Ross
Affiliation:  Presenter and Member of the Kodo Trust

Jelena Stewart
Affiliation:  Science Teacher, Holland Hall

Ann Tomlins
Affiliation:  Tulsa Public Schools

Ken Tracy
Affiliation:  Choregus Productions

Misha Trimm

Roselle Tyner
Affiliation:  Philbrook Museum of Art

Jessica Vokoun
Affiliation: University of Tulsa

Lisa Zarrow
Affiliation:  Riverfield Country Day School