Arts Alliance Tulsa

Choregus Productions is proud to be a member organization of Arts Alliance Tulsa. AAT is a United Arts Fund that strengthens and supports the arts for a greater Tulsa through fundraising, support services, audience development, and responsible investment and allocation of resources.

United Arts Funds seek to raise money to provide ongoing operating support to local arts institutions. Over the past 65 years, more than 100 communities across the country–both large and small– have established UAFs. There are currently about 60 UAFs operating in the United States.

Traditionally, UAFs fund unrestricted operating support to the core institutions that define their city’s cultural identity–the symphony, ballet, opera, theater, museums and more. Today, allocations are increasingly more open to the diversity of the community, requiring member organizations to reflect the differences and needs of the whole community through grant allocations. In addition, UAFs are providing extensive umbrella marketing and audience development support.

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